About eSpaza Sum Pty (Ltd)

Story, Mission, Vision

eSpaza Sum Pty (Ltd) is a black owned management company established with the purpose to transform township spaza shops and rural businesses into formal, professionally managed and wealth creating businesses.

The company is headquartered in Mamelodi in the Gauteng Province of South Africa and offers a platform where operators and suppliers interact.

Company Overview

The main aim of eSpaza Sum Pty (Ltd) is to assist businessmen and women to be able to compete within their retail environment through the following process:

  • Advantage of centralised buying.
  • Continuous training & mentorship.
  • Monthly store promotions and focused marketing approach.
  • Being part of a well-structured and established wholesaler.

Company Vision

To transform Spaza Shops and General Dealers from informal to formal sector by applying best business practice model in order to build a successful, sustainable, efficient and profitable business.

Mission and Value Statement

Create and promote Spaza Shops and General Dealers to be one-stop-shop for household items and payment of bills through the following:

  • Offering best service to the community at competitive prices and serving customers with honesty and integrity
  • Growing our local economy by offering job opportunities.
  • Building sustainable businesses premised on strong family values
  • Efficient management through the deployment and use of retail technology (POS)
  • Continuous development to develop professional business people
  • Building safer and better communities by participating and supporting community outreach programs.
  • Create wealth and legacy

Our Advantages

What we do that sets us apart from the rest.

Any Where

We can assist and get you up and running no matter where you are based.

Complete Setup

We set you up from start to finish, from shelves to signage. All that needs to be done is watch your bank balance grow.

Best Pricing

Long-standing relationships with suppliers ensures that we able to offer the best pricing so that you can offer the best pricing.

Our Best Partners

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