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eSpaza’Sum was setup with the intention to empower locally owned Spaza shops and turn them into profitable and sustainable businesses. We have teamed up with stakeholders and partners who will assist and ensure that we are able to build capacity, financial and non-financial support and empowerment Spaza owners thus creating an entrepreneurial culture.

Strategic Objectives

  • To move township and rural businesses from informal sector to formal sector through compliance of municipal by-laws.
  • Re-capture the township and rural market for the benefit of the local economy.
  • To unlock the economic value of our communities in order to be significant players in the mainstream economy.
  • Creating of permanent jobs in the township and rural areas.
  • To capacitate small business suppliers and local cooperatives.
  • Build strong brands by offering best service and participating in community outreach programs.

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Company Vision

To transform Spaza Shops and General Dealers from informal to formal sector by applying best business practice model in order to build a successful, sustainable, efficient and profitable business.

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